[HLAE TUTORIAL] New mirv_deathmsg Commands (Panorama UI CS:GO) [ENGLISH w/Subtitles]

Down below you’ll find all the important information gathered from this video, with the website links, commands, as well as the music used. If you have any questions/feedback about anything, please post it down below, I hope this helped! [Subtitles list down below!]
*Language List (Subtitles Available):*
[Español] (Spanish)
[Ruso] (Russian)
[Português] (Portuguese)
[Deutsche] (German)
[Polskie] (Polish)
[Français] (French)
Website Links

(Latest releases)
(List of all releases)
(Specific release of the HLAE that changed the commands)
(Post any bugs you find here)
Command List (In order of appearance in the video)

Starts at 3:12 [Example video of using keybinds with this here (uploading)]

[3:28] mirv_listentities isPlayer=1 (Lists the XUID of everyone on the server)

[4:22] mirv_deathmsg filter add attackerMatch=!xXUID victimMatch=!xXUID block=1 lastRule=1 (Blocks all death notices except player of XUID, use mirv_deathmsg filter clear to reset it so all deathnotices show)

[IF YOU DON’T WANT ASSISTS IN KILLFEED, USE THIS (mp_display_kill_assists 0)]

[5:20] mirv_deathmsg localPlayer xXUID (Highlights deathnotices, keep the letter x, get rid of XUID for any that have these, YouTube does not allow the greater/less than symbol in the description, so I can’t have it the same as in the video)

[6:00] mirv_deathmsg lifeTime 90 (How long the deathmessages will last)

[6:30] mirv_deathmsg lifeTimeMod 1.5 (Multiplier for one above)
(lifetimeMod is 1.5 by default, only applied to localPlayer [red border])

[6:54] mirv_deathmsg debug 1 (Shows ID of both players when a kill happens) [mirv_deathmsg debug 0 instead of clear]

[7:40] mirv_deathmsg fake attackerId=0 victimId=1 weapon=ak47 headshot=0 (Shows a kill with the player ID “0” and a death for the player ID “1”, change the values to match yours)

You may still use mirv_listentities isPlayer=1 for the fake kill feed, I was unaware that the “playerinfo.userID” is the same thing. (Below their Steam Name)
Music Used

-►Bryan Carrigan – New Day

-►Outro Song: Axero – Good Vibes
– Music provided by AirwaveMusicTV (

-► Axero

Other awesome channels for HLAE/Moviemaking

Alan Gaming
Dinoswarleaf Fragmovie Tutorial
akidos (NiP Moviemaker) Movie Tutorial
Sadly I forgot to record this video in 2560×1440, instead I did it in 1920×1080 so the quality isn’t that good 🙁 Hopefully the tutorial quality makes up for it!

Fuente / Source

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[HLAE TUTORIAL] New mirv_deathmsg Commands (Panorama UI CS:GO) [ENGLISH w/Subtitles]

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