CS:GO | How to… warm up while searching a MM game (Panorama UI)

Here is how to warm up (offline / with bots) while searching for a matchmaking game in the new Panorama UI.

My warmup Map “aim_botz” can be found on the workshop:

Title: Echoes of Time
Artist: Kevin MacLeod
Licence: Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

My latest config:
* Config.cfg (Game config for movement and FOV)
* Autoexec.cfg (Gamescripts like binds for buys)
* Nadeprac.cfg (Training: nade throws)
* Botdm.cfg (Training: DM against Bots without guns)
* Fragmovie.cfg, mvm.cfg, aliases.cfg (Editing)

Used editing software for Matchmaking Highlights:
* NVIDIA GeForce Experience
* Free Video Cutter Joiner
* Sony Vegas Pro 2014

Used Editing Software (Edits)
* HLAE (
* VirtualDub (
* Sony Vegas Pro 2014

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CS:GO | How to… warm up while searching a MM game (Panorama UI)

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