CS:GO – Best Mirage Eco B Rush [Xen’s Playbook #10]

Just a quick one today on how to get a plant on mirage B site (in csgo)! The B site of de_mirage is very difficult to rush. Enemies can hear you thundering along apartments from miles away. These smokes will deny them some crucial vision and also stop any pesky molotovs from summit 1Ging your team away!

With this strategy, you should be able to rush the B site better than anyone else and you will be able to help your economy out if you are in need!

You can also use this strategy on a buy or force round. Combined with some other smokes it could spell success. I would suggest smoking off short & window for the best execute.

More videos coming very soon!

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CS:GO – Best Mirage Eco B Rush [Xen’s Playbook #10]

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