CS GO Widescreen FOV Settings

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Want to know what CS:GO is like at different aspect ratios? Want to get more viewing angles AND better FPS? I talk you through a few ways in this video. starting with an easy but offline method and then an online one with pros and cons.

0:22 – FOV with console command. Here’s something to get you started on an offline server:
sv_cheats 1;fov_cs_debug 120

1:21 – Ultra wide-screen in proper matches. Once again, here’s a value to get you started. Use these launch options:
-w 1920 -h 540 -windowed
OR, (thanks to Pandaclaw), type this in the console in-game:
mat_setvideomode 1920 540 1

2:09 – Change your weapon model’s FOV using this video:

Download CRU here:

QUESTION: ‘You say wider FOV makes FPS lower, but then say it makes it higher!!! How?’ Because the amount lost by being wider is outweighed by the smaller resolution. Resolution is the major factor that determines the speed that CS:GO runs at, so having the game run as a slit across the screen instead of fullscreen helps the framerate considerably. I suspect that a lot of people use blackbars because higher FPS helps them, instead they could use the blackbars along the top and bottom of their screen and get the best of both worlds.

Thanks to Sam Belliveau for suggesting the second method to me!

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CS GO Widescreen FOV Settings

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