MW3 Promod Frag Highlights (demos in desc.)

Wudup guys
This is by far the biggest project I made yet so it would be nice if you could like the video. Obviously I’m no pro and would have been able to do everything way better and quicker but I am actually really happy about the result.
Really hope that you can share my enthusiasm for this project.

– Infos:
Backwood Boy – Dont Make A Move

(found through Sonar’s BF1 Movie “memories”)

-Players who gave me their demos (in order of appearance):

– Demo-Downloadlink:
– Add me on steam for more demos:

(most of the demos were sadly cut by the players so you cant record cinematics in all of them – sorry for that but I cant do anything about it)

– Project Info:
Used the MW3 editing client to make the game look better :
All done in Sony Vegas.
-Size of the raw recorded footage: 209GB
-Size of the V-Dubbed footage : 155GB
-Size of the rendered project : 274MB

-Rendertime: ~3hours

Fuente / Source – Puedes ver todo lo relacionado con el CS:Promod también llamado CSPromod !

MW3 Promod Frag Highlights (demos in desc.)

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