Urban Ruins ➖ Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes【Mission by Abalone】

Urban Ruins by Abalone is an add-on mission to the 18 official missions available. This mission is one of the longest in all Counter Strike Condition Zero history. And by far the hardest mission from a total of 6 from this pack. It has rocket launchers, grenade throwers and lots of areas that have to be cleared of enemies before proceeding. Once again, beware the Rocket Launchers! ↓ ↓

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► Brief walkthrough for Urban Ruins (phew! what a mission)

● The first area full of enemies 00:52 is the easiest, just look around and jump to all balconies to collect the health and armour;
● 04:40 marks the second area which is easier. There are only two rocket launchers (check under you) and a couple of machine guns that can be easily taken out with HE Grenades found nearby;
● After you fight the enemies in the sewers, you get to 06:50 which is the third big fight. Beware the LAW Launchers in your left, in the shadows at the balcony;
● 22:39 marks your fourth area which should be manageable if you didn’t lose much health;
● Just after you clear that one, as you proceed you’ll be entering the next one 24:16. This one is a little tricky and I advise you to use the LAW Rocket Bug aka press Q after firing.(example:
● But that’s not all! 26:50 marks your sixth fight which is not enjoyable. Like before, beware the RPGs;
● The Helicopter Area was my favorite fight in this mission. As soon as you reach 30:32 go straight to your RIGHT to pick up the Autosniper (highly effective for the helicopter). Beware the grenade launchers on the building in front of you, take them out with other grenades or the sniper;
● Finally, the last part (33:14). You should use the Sniper to take out the Rocket Terrorists. There’s one as you open the door, on the left side (see video) and other somewhere on middle to right side. Use grenades, flashes, etc. to buy you some time. DO NOT SHOOT the hostages, if done so it will result in a mission failure.

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Urban Ruins ➖ Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes【Mission by Abalone】

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