In The Swamps ➖ Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes 【Mission by Kiltron】

In The Swamps is a custom mission for Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes by Kiltron. In the swamps of Zambia you’ll fight the guerillas and rescue the princess. EZ mission, fun to play and I invite you to check it out above.

► Easter egg at 03:38. This is Kiltron, the level designer and some chick. This is the only easter egg I could find. When playing In The Swamps make sure to pay attention to the Terrorists on mountains, most of them have AWPs.

► Threat Level: Red is a mission by Kiltron included in Kiltrons & Abalones mission pack available here:


► If you need help installing the mods to your Counter Strike Condition Zero, please see my video tutorial ( or my Steam Community guide (

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In The Swamps ➖ Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes 【Mission by Kiltron】

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