CS:CZ custom tour of duty: Satya Strike playthrough part 22 (de_aztec)

OPERATION: Titan Crossing

This is it! This is the last map of the satya strike tour of duty. But what about as_oilrig? Fuck that map! The bot navigation is horrible and it would take WAY too long to complete the mission, the map is broken and sometimes the VIP will get stuck and commit suicide, I’m not a masochist and i’m not gonna suffer because of a map. So i decided to play aztec and call it a day.

I confess I had a lot of fun with this tour of duty. Despite the maps not being original we can still draw entertainment from them.

Mission Pack Description: Gen. Satya, we have just received a message from our spies, that your old friend Adit has joined a terrorist group named Stalker Faction. Their goal with his help, is world domination. Be careful with his new friend Yansa who he is a drug addict. DESTROY THEM: ALTHOUGH DIFFICULT FOR YOU !!!! [This mission pack is for my friends Adit, Yansa, Cahyo, Husen and anyone who plays here] [Special thanks for Sudden for the player skin I used].

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CS:CZ custom tour of duty: Satya Strike playthrough part 22 (de_aztec)

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