CS:CZ custom tour of duty: RDAFST part I, episode 12 (cs_highsociety)

Oh no… I want to bury my head under the sand like an ostrich. The way i played this map is so bad… I was stressed and bored but i wanted to finish this map so bad, but the fact that the CT’s can’t rescue the hostages because you have to press a button to open a door sucks.

Official Mission Description: You Joined the Red_Dragon Armed Forces to fight against a terrorist group known as The Skull Organization. The Skull Organization were responsible for stealing a teleporter gadget; giving it to their boss known as Mr. Skull and making trouble all around Dragon Island including some parts of the world. Your objectives as a member of the Red_Dragon Armed Forces are; use your best abilities and build a strong team to take them out. Good Luck Operative.

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CS:CZ custom tour of duty: RDAFST part I, episode 12 (cs_highsociety)

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