Counter Strike Condition Zero Skins Point Blank 2017 + Link Download

Hello everyone, at this time I will share the skins point blank for counter strike condition zero. And what’s in this pack? All the weapons on counter strike:condition zero become point blank weapons, except for some pistols that I did not replace. And here is the list of weapons:

– Glock18 Mummy
– Colt Python PBWC 2017
– Dual Desert Eagle Tiger

– M1887 PBWC 2017
– Spas-15 MCS

Sub Machine Guns
– Kriss SV PBWC 2017 (Terrorist)
– Kriss SV Midnight Blue 3 (Counter-Terrorist)
– OA-93 PBWC 2017
– P90 MC PBWC 2016
– P90 Ext Midnight Blue 3

– AUG A3 Blue (Terrorist)
– Famas G2 Commando PBWC 2017 (Counter-Terrorist)
– AK Sopmod Russia (Terrorist)
– TacLite T2 PBWC 2017
– M4A1 Ext (Counter-Terrorist)
– AUG A3 PBWC 2017 (Terrorist)
– AUG A3 Midnight Blue 3 (Counter-Terrorist)
– PSG-1 (Terrorist)
– Dragunov CG (Counter-Terrorist)

Machine Gun


And some features:
– Can zoom like Point Blank
– Not using NST weapon
– HP (health points) 120 like Point Blank
– Launcher like Point Blank Gemscool
– Can jump like Point Blank
– Can rotate like Point Blank if pressing f
– Background Point Blank
– Loading like Point Blank Thailand
– Unlimited money (99999999)
– Scoreboard without ACG and Metahook
– New HD graphics
– New skill for all bots
– All characters become Point Blank characters
– Radio sounds like Point Blank
– Some sounds like Point Blank
– There are muzlleflash for some weapons
– New Sprites
– And many more

You can download it here:

The installation tutorial is in the file.
Credits are also in the file.
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Thanks, and hope you enjoy it

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Counter Strike Condition Zero Skins Point Blank 2017 + Link Download

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