Counter-Strike: Condition Zero – Mission Complete [OST]

This is the soundtrack you hear after you complete all objectives and/or you win when your squad is 2 points ahead of the terrorists.

I don’t own anything, not the soundtracks, not the game, nothing. This was all made by Valve Software, if you’re unaware of who they are. Turtle rock studios we’re also involved in this and possibly many others. All credit goes to them, if it weren’t for them, you woldn’t even be listening to this, dum-dum. Give them some praise!
One more thing: This video is NOT monitized by YouTube. If you see any ads, don’t even bother clicking them, you’re not helping me, you’re probably helping somebody else get their viruses onto your love box, and by love box, i mean your computer…you perv…

(Don’t you just love Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V? I know i do. Heck, it even gave me an A in a powerpoint project back in highschool! Hell yeah buddy! What i mean by this is that i copy pasted the “i don’t own any of this” message, in case you don’t get my sorry atempt at humor)

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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero – Mission Complete [OST]

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