Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes – Building Recon【Mission 4】

Building Recon is the fourth mission featured in Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. The longest mission so far, check the description ⬇️ for tips, briefing and more!

► There are unconfirmed informations that a Terrorist group, the Arctic Avengers, is inside a warehouse complex in Latvia. The group is hostile and possesses a nuclear warhead. The player, member of the British SAS, has to infiltrate the complex, prove nuke’s existence by taking a picture, elminate all the hostiles and lastly, defuse a nuke in a church!

► Brief Walkthrough adn Tips:
● You must go undetected a big part of this mission, starting 1:35;
● The buttons like the one at 04:13 start the alarm, there are more in this level, just make sure you won”t press them;
● The door at 06:29 is interesting, check it out while playing;
● The bottles on the ground at 06:40 and 08:40 if touched will wake up the sleeping guard, resulting in a mission failure;
● Make sure to take the weapons at 09:57 as they are helpful;
● After you destroy the tank (16:02) a ammo crate will appear next to it, I didn’t took it but for you it might be helpful;
● The Flashbang obtained at 25:00 is very helpful against the boss (27:25) so make sure not to waste it as it’s the only one in this mission!

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► The missions names vary by language, you may have found this video by searching the name in your language:
● Scènnes Effacés – Mission Reconnaissance;
● Gelöschte Szenen – Mission Gebäude-Aufklärung;
● Escenas Eliminadas – Misión Reconocimiento.

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Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes – Building Recon【Mission 4】

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