Counter-Strike Condition Zero: Assault

Sniper action

Game: Counter-Strike Condition Zero is a sequel to Counter-Strike. It features the typical multiplayer and a pack of single player missons.

Multiplayer: Battle against other players or bots on new and old maps with two teams: Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist who have to stop each other.

Gamemode: Hostage is a popular gamemode. The Counter-Terrorists have to rescue hostages while the Terrorists have to prevent that.

Map: The Terrorist held Hostages in a warehouse. Counter-Terrorist have to get in and save them. There are three entrances to the building. One in a small corridor, a big gate and a vent.

-There are several and important changes that were different in Counter-Strike Beta 1.0 version of Assault.
The hostages do not have their own room. They are just standing in the Terrorist Spawn Zone of the camera room.
There are no containers past the back entrance.
The second ladder on one of the containers near the front entrance is missing.
The containers near the front entrance are in a different position compared to later versions.
There is no additional vent that is leading to T Spawn Zone camera room. Also, the lightning in the vents is missing (it’s lot darker).
The bridge nor the road under the bridge are inaccessible. These pathways were blocked off by a police blockade and a fence respectively.
Dumpsters near the bridge are missing.
-The Beta 2.0 version of Assault features a Half-Life desert canyon skybox instead of the night city one seen before. This change was reverted in the next version.

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Counter-Strike Condition Zero: Assault

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