Condition Zero – Tutorial how to enable bots in Zombie Plague 5.0 mod + download links

Please watch the video until the end for more info..

For your information:–
This is an old video,The download link for Counter Strike Condition Zero PrimeOpsCS does not work anymore.Thank you..

Newer video for cs condition zero zombie plague 5.0.8 mod:–

Download link for the song(in case everyone is asking for it,so i fulfilled their wish)

Download link for Internet Download Manager v6.11 Build 8 :–

Direct download IDM :–

If the IDM asks for the registration key,this application can help you
Download link for the application :–

Please follow the steps for this application :–
..::: Internet Download Manager v6.xx Release 3 :::..
1.Install IDM, after installation close IDM.exe from task bar (just make sure it is not running)
2.Open the patch (Vista/Win7 users, you must run as administrator) and click PATCH button (browse if target not found) if you use this patch Input any FName and LName.
3. FName = Your first name ,LName = Your last name
4.Everytimes your IDM updated, fake serial notification and registration dialog will occur, please CANCEL it, then use this patch AGAIN!!
5. Enjoy!!
Please follow the steps in order to run the mod properly in singleplayer with bot :–
1.If you already have CS Condition Zero,use it to install zombie mod inside the game.
2.Download AMX MOD X into your C:Program Files folder,then run the AMX MOD installer from your C:Program Files,then install the mod in your Condition Zeroczero folder,download link for AMX MOD X :—

3.Download and install the files from and into your Condition Zeroczero folder,download link and the files can be found here :—

Note : Zombie Plague 5.0 mod = and
Zombie Plague 4.3 mod = and ,(Zombie Plague 4.3mod(patched) = and

4.If you need to extract the zip files and you don’t know how to extract it,WinArchiever application can help you,download link for the application :–

Useful commands in condition zero zombie plague 5.0 mod :–
(hud_fastswitch 1 = fast weapon switch)(cl_dynamiccrosshair 0 = Disable dynamic crosshair)(bind “p” “pause” = enable you to toggle the pausing the game by pressing ‘P’ button)(zp_disable_money 0 = enable the cs money in zombie plague mod)(zp_human_unlimited_ammo 1 = unlimited ammo for human)

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Condition Zero – Tutorial how to enable bots in Zombie Plague 5.0 mod + download links

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