Condition Zero Pistol Mount and 30 day update

So 30 days ago I installed the Condition Zero mount from Gunner Fabrication. One day while I was working the phone rang but I couldn’t get to it…Rob from Condition Zero saw my original video at and left me a message thanking me for it.

Well these guys are super awesome! They sent me a Pistol Mount since they knew I was planning to order one. They also included some Molle Mounts and a hat (which I am wearing right now).

This video is the installation and testing of the pistol mount, a 30 day update on my 100% satisfaction with their products, and just how things are going so far with the mount.

Huge thanks to Condition Zero for being the first ones to ever send me some swag off a YouTube video. Never expected that to happen at all. I am still going to be purchasing a LEO rackbone for the truck, just need to make sure as I come into my slow season I can part with the money.

I did not mention but in this video the rifle is unloaded. Colorado Parks and WIldlife doesn’t take too kindly to people with loaded shotguns and rifles in their vehicles, and I’m not interested in getting my rig impounded. I never cleared the rifle when I switched mags because it was empty.

anyway thanks again to Gunner Fabrication and their awesome Rackbone product!

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Condition Zero Pistol Mount and 30 day update

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