Bloody Rubble ➖ Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes 【Mission by Abalone】

Bloody Rubble is a custom mission for Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes by Abalone. In Bloody Rubble you’ll have to rescue some CIA operatives kidnapped in Middle East by Terrorist forces. What the hell were they doing there anyway?

► A word before:
● This is the first mission from the mission pack (well, the only mission pack available) for CS:CZ Deleted Scenes. This level is particulary full of rocket launchers which I personally don’t like but the next one is even harder! No easter eggs that I could find here, or bugs instead of the usual bugs presented in my Easter Eggs, Bugs, Secrets video here:

► Bloody Rubble is a mission by Abalone included in Kiltrons & Abalones mission pack available here:


► If you need help installing the mods to your Counter Strike Condition Zero, please see my video tutorial ( or my Steam Community guide (

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► The playthrough ⬆ for Bloody Rubble is backed up by a blog post regarding the walkthrough for this mission and for all the Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Tour of Duty at Keep in mind that I write a blog post for every game I play, so you better bookmark that site and maybe subscribe to the newsletter!

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Bloody Rubble ➖ Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes 【Mission by Abalone】

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