“Kicked for high ping” (Strogino CS Portal) CS: Source #2

Hey guys and welcome back to to Counter-Strike:Source. It’s been like two months since I last played this game so I thought that I could play it again today. I recently found a few servers that were actually good (and hilarious) because of it’s creativity and it’s very community friendly. To add to that I can play on those servers with high ping and still hang on until I die.

One server high is quite cool in many ways but it’s very troubling since it has many copyright sounds so what I did here is I took the volume way down but you guys will still here some of the sounds hopefully. During my game I experienced technical difficulties which stopped me from playing this again.

Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching. Leave a like on this video if you enjoyed and subscribe for more awesome content. Stand up, eat something, watch a good movie, play more games and do something productive for the day. See you guys next time. BYE!!

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CS: Source: cs portal is entirely different from steam. You can download this game from there but I cannot leave you a link to the site since it doesn’t work right now, maybe, I don’t know and I think that it would immediately put down my channel since that it gives a free download to the game.)

Outro Song: Sound Stabs – Pyromaniac (Official)

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“Kicked for high ping” (Strogino CS Portal) CS: Source #2

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