[CS:Source|Sg552]BF4 Cz805 – Bren !! (Added W_models By Ziggy85)

hello guys , so here done another Request By JOK3R
LINK Download :
W_models Download :

IT TAKE ME 3 Days to making this one … because i animate the first draw , reload empty/full one

Its Cz805 Bren from BF4
( i know u guys actually want me to use this model Right ? i like that model , but i just have a good feelling to animate with the BF4 Models one so yeah )

Credits – Original Release by Rimuto ( )

EA/DICE – Textures,Models & sounds
New World Interactive : Sounds
ImbrokeRu : Silencer & Eotech
MirzaMiftahulFadilla h : Models & Textures
Lynx9810 : Animation/Compile

Since EA/DICE isnt Allowed on Gamebanana So i will just put the link to my website 🙂 , okey thanks guys !

*REQUEST CLOSED* i’ll open req again soon

Fuente / Source

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[CS:Source|Sg552]BF4 Cz805 – Bren !! (Added W_models By Ziggy85)

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