CS:Source – Transparent Spraypaint tutorial

How to make a basic transparent spraypaint image in Photoshop for use in Counter-Strike:Source.

Woo. It turned out really blurry after uploading it :/ Can’t even read any of the menu text now 🙁

Basically what I’m doing here is:

1) Make a new file, 256×256 pixels with a transparent background.

2) Grab a random picture you like and copy/paste it into the new file.

3) Select everything you want to be visible.

4) Click on the “Channels” tab (usually in the same window as your layers) and create a new channel. This will automatically be an alpha channel.

5) Fill your selection with white. Everything that is black on the alpha channel will be considered transparent ingame. Everything that is white will be fully visible, while shades of grey in between will vary the opacity.

6) Now save the file as a 32 bit TGA with alpha channels enabled.

7) Start CS:S and simply import the TGA with the Spraypaint importer and you’re done.

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CS:Source – Transparent Spraypaint tutorial

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