CS:Source / TF2 – Distance fading Spraypaint tutorial

Hello again,

this time we will be making a Spraypaint for Source games (TF2, CS:S, etc) that cycles between different images depending on the distance of the viewer.

This is basically done by manually editing the mipmaps of the image file, which are pretty much used to swap large textures out for smaller ones when they are further away from the camera to save texture memory.


Things you will need:

– Adobe Photoshop (I use CS3 in this video)

– Nvidia Photoshop plugins
(enables saving as .DDS filetype):

– (DDS to VTF converter) Quick and Dirty Bloodlines Tools v3.9a

– VTFEdit (optional):

– 2 (or more) images, preferably 256×256 pixels in dimension (or any other power of 2).



Q) I keep getting “Error, Too many channels to export (#)” when I try to save as .DDS
A) You should only have 1 Alpha channel and the bottom layer of your image should be a “background” layer. You can convert a layer to a background layer by going to:
MenuLayerNewLayer from background…

Q) Why is VTFEdit optional?
A) Because you can manually make the .VMT file with a random text editor. It’s easier to copy an existing .VMT and edit the names though.

Q) I can’t read / Where can I get Photoshop?
A) /ignore

Q) Why is there no sound/music?
A) Because pausable text is superior to voice commentary and TF2’s ‘Playing with danger’ was too short.

Q) I just got banned for making a spray change into gay porn.
A) That’s not a question. Good job following the instructions though!

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CS:Source / TF2 – Distance fading Spraypaint tutorial

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