CS:S – Source Denmark by staRfire [HD]

StaRfire presents, in association with Miracle Pictures…

These video copilot intros are the new over used intros. Come on producers, it’s time to shy away from what you’ve learned and design something that does have minutes of tutorials in it’s wake. I somewhat liked the Source Denmark screen and how it introduced itself in a simple pleasant way. It’s nice to see frag footage kept in a raw state but could do with something extra there to just emphasis the song behind it. The frags are good and have enough there to kept you entertained, though I’m not a big fan of the whole time warp cut scene frag parts unless they’re particularly amazing. What I did like was how it kept something for the middle of the movie before a nice slow down. Too many movies start off too soon and this one has a gentle pace and I didn’t have the urge to look away. Classy film and deserves respect.

Review taken from SourceRadio.com

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CS:S – Source Denmark by staRfire [HD]

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