[CS:S] Counter-Strike: Source Lowest Graphical Settings Gameplay

I was bored one night and wanted to see what CS:S would look like and how fast it can run if I put everything on lowest possible settings by the video options menu. I am sure you can make it even uglier if you mess with the console and download mods.

I hope you enjoy this rather useless and pointless video, except maybe the frags you see in this gameplay footage.

All settings were put to either low or none. All model, textures, and shaders were put to low and HDR was turned off. Counter Strike: Source still looked pretty good even at lowest settings. The resolution in game was 640 x 480.

This is a small sample of CS:S gameplay, and I played very well because of the high framerates. This server consists of mainly bots but there was 3 real players present in this video. The map is de_dust2 and I played on the Sludgework’s Deathmatch Server. If you wish to join, here is the I.P. address:

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[CS:S] Counter-Strike: Source Lowest Graphical Settings Gameplay

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