CS Source Dedicated Server Setup

My Steam :

SteamCMD Download:

SteamCMD Input:

login anonymous

force_install_dir c:myserver *Set location to install to*

app_update 232330 validate *Install CSS DS*

Shortcut/Launch Parameters: (just add everything after the .exe, different map)
C:cssdssrcds.exe -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 20 +map xc_galaxy

Server.cfg Example: ( Place this in your CSTRIKECFG folder)

Mapcycle.txt Example: (place this in your CSTRIKE folder)

****Warcraft Source****

You will have to follow the shit on here to install this, because I never have. It doesn’t use sourcemod/metamod though, it uses eventscripts and source python extensions :X Doesn’t look toooooooo complicated.

***Zombie Mod****

The official page is broken/hasnt been paid for recently (lol) but this doesnt look too confusing either.

Fuente / Source

Counteradictos.com – Disfruta con nosotros de todo lo relacionado con el CS Source !

CS Source Dedicated Server Setup

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