Counter Strike Source Skyworld Video!

Well, One evening i sat there, nothing to do… And it came to mind; Why not make an amateur CS:S surf video ;D

This is my first CS:S video, so please be nice =P

Music used:
Pure Pwnage – Feel like pwning noobs
Pokêmon Intro – English version
Pure pwnage – Teh noob song

If you want more of these videos, give me a PM/comment/whatever and if you want to challenge/duel/fight me please ask in private; and i’ll consider it.

Everything used in this video except music is my own work, the music is all right reserved pure pwnage, and…whoever made the pokêmon song.

Please rate and comment, Thank you for watching ^^

Fuente / Source – Disfruta con nosotros de todo lo relacionado con el CS Source !

Counter Strike Source Skyworld Video!

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