Unboxing The Prisma Knife In The Very First Case! (CS:GO Funny Moments, Update And Case Opening)

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Yoo!! CS:GO FINALLY HAS A NEW CASE POG. And I went onto YouTube and found the best csgo Prisma case openings and unboxings within the first 12 hours of update release. The first clip is from a YouTuber named Latex Allergy who unboxed the new Prisma Case Knife, Ursus Knife Tiger Tooth. Make sure you go to his channel and congratulate him on this lucky unboxing. FIRST CASE, gets a knife, profits atleast $400-500 if he can sell quickly. By the way, there was Anomaly audio in the first clip because Latex Allergy was watching Anomaly’s new video when he decided to unbox the case. Next clip is from a YouTuber named CJSlice who was booling in a ESEA scrim when he decided to unbox a Prisma that he had in his inventory. Pretty insane that he got the new covert five seven Angry Mob. Make sure you also go check out his channel and show some support. Third clip is from a popular pro csgo player named Fl0m. After a long dry streak of unboxing blue prisma case skins, he finally struck gold and got a pretty cool skin. He got the AWP Atheris, aka the budget AWP medusa xd. The rest of the video is a bunch of recent stream funny moments from the twitch csgo community. They’re all super funny, so make sure you watch all the way through. Giveaway at the end of the video BTW! And also, this video isn’t monetized so I won’t be making any money off this video. Cheers!

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Unboxing The Prisma Knife In The Very First Case! (CS:GO Funny Moments, Update And Case Opening)

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Unboxing The Prisma Knife In The Very First Case! (CS:GO Funny Moments, Update And Case Opening)

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