Morning | New AWP Skin CSGO & PUBG PC Live | 2018 ka Last Hours with you guyz :D

No compulsion to Subscribe this channel nor expected but appriciated.
Have fun watching Stream & enjoy chatting with our other viewers who are like family to me.

For my Desktop Built/Specs:
Type – !specs

Instagram: Rahul.gamer

Join and help watch Ads during my live Twitch stream:
Twitch Channel:

Donation Link:
Paypal –
Paytm UPI – 9768978388@paytm
Paytm Wallet – 9768978388
There is no compulsion to donate, just have your seat and enjoy gameplay.
Also, donation amount will be used to upgrade streaming equipments to give you better quality and new games streaming.

If looking for PUBG PC/CSGO players for a game:
1)Friend Request:
Send me steam friend request and notify me on chat box with your ingame name.
Steam Link –
2)Voice Chat:
Join my discord channel for better voice experience during PUBG PC.
Link –
CSGO – Your rank should be above GN1 (Gold Nova 1)
PUBG PC – Any ranker/non-ranker can join.

For any Business or Joint Streaming.
You can contact me –

About me:
I am simply Rahul Gamer also nicked as RG.
I Play and Stream for FUN, specially I spend time playing with my viewers and it makes me HAPPY.
Also, my goal here is to learn and become better Esportz player.
I play games which are created for specific platform like PC games on PC, Mobile games on Mobile. Please do not request or force me to play games using cross platform like Emulator as that is not a Esportz nor a challenge for me (already tried in past on viewer’s demand, no fun nor a challenge).
My only mode of income is the job (Night Shift 5pm – 6am) that I do which is helping me run my family, that is why I do not get time to come online on daily bases but whenever I get time I make sure to come and play with you, for you & most importantly for myself 🙂 Sorry guyz who dislikes me for being a noob player and for me not coming online daily. No time for practice but trying my best to be a better challenge to the world 😉

Any game skins which you see during gameplay are donated by my family (viewers) and it makes them happy to watch me play with the skin they Donate. With respect to my donators, skins are not on a sale nor can be shared. Please do not ask for skins as the answer will be NO.
Sorry Guyz 🙂

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Morning | New AWP Skin CSGO & PUBG PC Live | 2018 ka Last Hours with you guyz 😀

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