I am the BEST CS:GO Player // CSGO Funny Voice Chat Moments and Fails

Counter Strike csgo: Finally getting a kill in competitive and stabbing my friends… a few times…

Just having fun in voice chat and failing in ranked as usual.

This is my first time trying a csgo video (and first time actually playing the game in 5 years) so please let me know what you think about it. This video was a bit shorter than I’ve been going for recently just because I wasn’t sure how it would go, but if you guys liked it I’ll put effort into making these csgo videos longer.

Acquaintances in this video:
Dorkdils: youtube.com/XDmlaspXD

And now I describe the game in as many words as possible to get them keywords in 😉

Oh God, how do I describe this game. Uh, there are sites… just like in rainbow six siege. And if I weren’t complete trash, then I’d know how to plant the bomb on one of them. Competitive has, like, 30 rounds, in which I die 30 times and get maybe 4 kills if I’m lucky. There’s team killing too of course. Me and Caleb wouldn’t be playing this game if there wasn’t. But I tried not to do that so I didn’t get, like, banned. Alright, that’s the best I can do.

Hopefully you didn’t actually read all this.
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I am the BEST CS:GO Player // CSGO Funny Voice Chat Moments and Fails

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