How To Start A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server (How To Get A CS:GO Server!)

If you want to find out how to start a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server, this is the video for you. It will teach how to get a CS:GO server of your very own, so you can start playing CS:GO on your own server with your friends or whoever you want!

Get A Public CS:GO Server:
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-game csgo -console -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 0 +mapgroup mg_active +map de_dust2
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About this video: This video will teach you how to get a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server setup and running so you can play CS:GO on your own server with your friends or family. CS:GO servers are a bit hard to setup, and they do take some time, so just be patient, and go through the process slowly, and you’ll get your server setup without any problems.

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup a CS:GO server, so you will be able to make your very own CS:GO server to start playing Counter Strike Go with your friends. It is a bit difficult to make a CS:GO server public, and that is not covered in this video. However, it is mentioned, and it can be done.

We, however, would recommend against making a public CS:GO server as it will allow people to get your public IP address and potential DDOS you and take down your internet, find out where live, and potential more.

With that being said, if this video did help you create a Counter-Strike Global Offensive server, please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps us out, and it means a lot to us!

Now, if you do have any issues getting your CS:GO server, please let us know in the comment section down below, and we will help you as much as possible to get your Counter Strike Global Offensive server up and running.

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How To Start A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server (How To Get A CS:GO Server!)

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