How D0cC really plays CS:GO

Decided to make a video about D0cC coming from nowhere taking the ropz route 😉 to never talk to then talk. From Master League to FPL-C to FPL in less than 3 months

D0cC’s twitter:

Songs names:
Queen – Dont Stop Me Now
Undertale – Megalovania
Far East Movement – Like A G6 ft. The Cataracs, DEV

Clips taken from: D0cC’s (Twitch), RandomRambo’s (Twitch)

My Twitter:

Video Inspired by: SuperstituM 🙂

Guys, the horvyyy translation is a joke, GEEEEZ… he did not say anything of what was translated and he is a very nice guy 🙂

Fuente / Source – Disfruta con nosotros de todo lo relacionado con el CS:GO !

How D0cC really plays CS:GO

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