CSGO Top 10 Plays – Counter Strike Global Offensive – Episode 2

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To submit videos for this Top 5 CS GO Plays, email me at nickscsgo@gmail.com
I will take submissions only from that email, so please dont YT message me.
Currently looking mainly for Top plays, tactical, great, skillful. However I would like to add a bonus clip per episode, so those are welcome aswell 🙂
– In the title write in how many clips, of its “bonus clip”
– Add demo preferably, write how many kills, and what tick # to go to
– If you only have video clip, upload to drop box, i can view it and download it best quality
– Also if you submitted a clip and it didnt make it in this video, DO NOT SUBMIT AGAIN, i bookmarked other clips for future episodes!

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CSGO Top 10 Plays – Counter Strike Global Offensive – Episode 2

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