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How to Join: Subscribe + Become Discord Member + confirm and send friend request = You are IN Details shared below ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instagram: Rahul.gamer ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unity | my new Channel : Gmail: unityshrahul@gmail.com ___________________________________________________________________________________ My Desktop Specs : type !specs ___________________________________________________________________________________ DISCORD Link : ___________________________________________________________________________________ For CSGO : Send Friend Request _________________________________________________________________ Currently, I do gameplay of PUBG Mobile/PUBG PC/CSGO/any random _______________________________________________________________ Want to share Banners, Logo and much ? Reach me: Rahul.gaming29071990@gmail.com _________________________________________________________ Want to Support our Channel? – Paytm UPI: 9768978388@paytm – Paytm Wallet: 9768978388 _____________________________________________________________ Want to Donate(“SUPPORT”) using Credit/Debit Card? – Create PayPal Account and link your Credit/Debit card or Bank account (it takes 2 min) – Go to – Enter the details and click Green button having text ‘Support’ to donate – Transfer donation as “support” using PayPal account. _____________________________________________________________ PUBG PC/CSGO/Any : I don’t care what Rank you are holding, if you wanna play with me as team-player you are most welcome 🙂 PUBG Mobile – Wishing to play with me in my Squad ? After every game you can join me by following below Steps: NOTE: You need to be with quick fingers to enter the Join Code and do not minimize aur go away from Live Viewing! 1. Go to “Invite Friends” 2. Select “Local Team” 3. Select “Join Team” 4. Enter Number which I will Share on Chat Screen or You can see on my Game Screen. Welcome…..You are in Game with me. ________________________________________________________________ WANT TO STREAM…???? Download and install from below Streaming tool URL: Download and Enjoy Streaming.

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CSGO & PUBG PC Live | Chal ek Manchurian Cola Bol

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