Come watch me live!
I really wanted to revisit the “Insane” editing style
and after ℒund released a new song I knew it was time.

I didn’t want to try and “beat” Insane or improve it but instead
I wanted to accompany it with a new and slightly different take
on the style.
Hope you guys enjoy it and I certainly plan to do more videos like this with ℒund’s music.

Shout out to ℒund for being such an amazing artist, I truly wish
the best for him and that he continues with his music.
As for the video, there are a few hidden Easter eggs as well as
some real meaning behind these type of videos, but anyway,
have a good day everyone!
(Also show this video to your mum.)

★ Players
Faze Hoppin →
Clicky Crisp →
Dazzer05 →
Abelsiini →
Cerret →
Mav →
Zell →
Liz →


♫ Song credit go to:
• Main Song
• ℒund – Rx Luv

• Outro
Papa Ya – Sunny


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