CS:GO – Oliver ‘kzy’ Heck – THE BRAINIAC

This is THE BRAINIAC – a fragmovie by Grzegorz ‘PANIq’ Gronek showcasing Oliver ‘kzy’ Heck and his insane frags against top tier teams during several international events and cups.



There is a giveaway going on. We’ve hidden something in the movie, we won’t tell you what is it.
The people who find those things should save the video timings and tweet them to – all the people who send their entries (including ALL hidden stuff)
will enter the draw of a USP Orion FN!

Good luck and I hope you all enjoy the movie!

Photos used in intro courtesy of HLTV.org.
Outro Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Soundtrack (mixed by SavagE):
Hyper – Clockwork

Nero – Satisfy

Sonic Mayhem – Futureland (feat. Power Glove)
Official store:
Calm Ocean 4 – Andreas Boldt
Steam Group:
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CS:GO – Oliver ‘kzy’ Heck – THE BRAINIAC

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