CS:GO – Insane

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Here’s a different video.
This was my first time using HLAE and so I had a pretty fun time messing with everything and just experimenting.

The mood of the video is pretty sad and slow but that’s only to reflect how I feel myself, I’ve been losing weeks worth of sleep over projects that I’m not in the mood to finish and that are now scrapped and my health and happiness suffer because of it. So I’m trying to just not die at the moment and maybe get some sleep.
Hope everyone has a groovy day though and also show this video to your mum.

★ Players
Clicky Crisp →
Dizzywi →
Aryze →
Mav →


♫ Song credit go to:
• Main Song
ℒund – 破碎

• Outro
Itro – Flavour


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CS:GO – Insane

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