Counter Strike Global Offensive Netcode Analysis

Recently Overwatch and Battlefield 1 started to continuously beat CS:GO in my tests. But since I last tested CS:GO in January it’s time to do a thorough analysis of CS:GO to find out if it’s netcode has really been beaten by the younglings.

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About the CSGO Beta:
I tested the release version of CS:GO, not the beta channel. The changes that were done on the beta channel so far (bandwidth limits increased, etc.) should not affect any of the test scenarios that you see here in this video.
But once these changes get rolled out to the release version of CS:GO I can revisit the game and test it again. Then this video will be used for reference to find out if their changes affect any of the test cases I used here.

why I did not test cl_interp_ratio 1 at 128 ticks:
As you have seen in the video, the LERP difference @64tick between cl_interp_ratio 2 and 1 is 15.6ms which only results in a delay decrease of about 7ms – and that is one single frame at a 144Hz display refresh rate

The LERP difference @128tick between cl_interp_ratio 2 and 1 is only 7.8ms (half of what it is at 64ticks) – which means that we are entering into an area here that is barely (if at all) measurable when using 144Hz monitors

So because of this I decided that it’s not worth to spent an extra 2 to 3 hours on testing cl_interp_ratio 1 @128ticks as the outcome was quite obvious and I simply do not have an infinite amount of time to spent on these videos.
I actually already spent about 2 times longer on the production of this video than I originally planed (and the plan was to do input lag tests too). :-/

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Counter Strike Global Offensive Netcode Analysis

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