Best of CS:GO Aces (Legendary Plays, Pistol Aces, Ace Clutches and More)

Guys, this week on Best of, 2Ks are just not enough. 3Ks? Not even close. And we’re not settling for 4Ks either — this week, we want it all, the full five, the team wipe, the Ace.

We’re bringing you guys the best Ace Clutches, the best Pistol Aces and everything else in-between.

But before all that, we need to get something out of the way. We have to acknowledge the absolute legendary Aces in CS:GO history.

If you’re new the the game, these are required viewing. But if you’re already a CS:GO guy or gal and you’ve seen them a million times, well, the plays are so good let’s make it a million and one.

Edited by Dennis Gonzales (@Tarmanydyn)
Hosted by Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin)

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Best of CS:GO Aces (Legendary Plays, Pistol Aces, Ace Clutches and More)

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