Basic CS:GO Tutorial – Beginners Guide

Welcome to my basic Counter Strike: Global Offensive tutorial! This is the first of a number of video guides that will eventually cover all of the basics of how to practice CS:GO! View other videos in the series here:

0:00 – What is CSGO? (Brief overview)
0:14 – Defuse maps
0:39 – Hostage rescue
0:53 – Casual VS Competitive mode
1:42 – CT VS T
1:56 – Picking up weapons
2:10 – How to shoot people
2:32 – Deathmatch
2:44 – Demolition
3:04 – Arms Race
3:33 – Conclusion
Link to the next video (For mobile users)

Please let me know if there’s anything you need teaching with CS:GO, there’s nothing better than new players to help teach me how to make tutorials for Counter Strike!

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Basic CS:GO Tutorial – Beginners Guide

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