Are CS:GO’s Achievements Still Achievable?

Some of CS:GO’s achievements have broken, but they’re still not impossible. I quest it on hard mode and show you how they’re done. Please let me know if I’ve missed any!

0:27 – All weapons doesn’t mean all weapons
1:07 – Hostages now work differently
2:46 – When no footstep noises means some footstep noises
3:03 – When maps have been changed, killed, or worse… expelled!
4:01 – Office’s broken broken windows
4:43 – CAN YOU GET ‘EM ALL?!

Shorttrain on the workshop –

Then go to your csgomapsworkshop416884493 folder and move the map file to csgomaps . Open the console and type (For armsrace, easiest way to complete a game):

map de_shorttrain;game_mode 0;game_type 1

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Are CS:GO’s Achievements Still Achievable?

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