Flatcheat Hack On CS 1.6 // Showcase // + Download Link

Hello YouTube i’am showing you today a very popular strafe hack for steam users only wich is name : Flatcheat

Download Links :
Flatcheat :
Undetected Injector :
CFG : fc_autorun :

Instruction :
1) Download The hack and the injector
2) Now rename the injector as the name of the hack like ( Vipertube.hl )
3) Then download The CFG : fc_autorun.cfg and put it in the hack folder
4) Now Open the hack and open cs steam
5) If u want to configure it in the console

Note : Commands : Configuration :
1) Bind Key +fc^strafe
2) Bind Key +fc^bhop
3) Bind Key +fc^fps_boost
The Prefix is : fc^

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Flatcheat Hack On CS 1.6 // Showcase // + Download Link

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