CS 1.6 Top 10 Frags May 2012 REMAKE

1. It’s just a simple compilation of frags, so don’t expect any special effects.
2. I know there are plenty of actions that are beter than those, but I’m only using frags from PoV Demos uploaded by me.
3. Frags are ranked by me, if you have different opinion it’s ok, write it in comments section, but don’t spam/insult me.
4. This is a remake of original “Top 10 frags may 2012”, which I had to remove due music copyrights. It has improved quality + different music (hopefully you will enjoy it)

Times of the frags in POV’s:

Music: “Spinnin” by Alex (

Hope you enjoy!

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“Spinnin'” by Alex

is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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CS 1.6 Top 10 Frags May 2012 REMAKE

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