Cs 1.6 Strafe Helper , SGS and Knifebot

Hey guys, this is a strafe helper 100aa and a knifebot and SGS.
This is a video of me jumping using the strafe helper.
You want the hack? Its for free. Please subscribe me and like the video.

Works Steam and Non Steam.
Bind shift +stand_up_groundstrafe
Bind mouse3 +duck
Hold them together for sgs.
This hack is not owned by me. All credits goes to Brrr^^
Cheat menu is F5
Download the file and rename the mkz.dll to demoplayer.dll and place in Counter Strike folder.

New Link

My Settings
helper – 1
forwardspeed – 20
sidespeed – 400
max strafe – 8
addstrafe – 1
helper dir -1
helper auto dir – 0
knifebot – 1
knifebot attack – 2
knifebot fov – 27
bunnyhop – 1

Fuente / Source

Counteradictos.com – Disfruta con nosotros de todo lo relacionado con el CS 1.6 !

Cs 1.6 Strafe Helper , SGS and Knifebot

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