[CS 1.6] Deviix luckshot

My friend Deviix asked me to edit his luckshot. This is my first work with campaths, so I just played with them a bit. I know it’s not perfect and it kinda pisses me off that the dead player couldn’t be seen via dem_forcehltv.
I made couple of mistakes here and there but I know about them. I was just too lazy to fix them, heh.
Anyway, enjoy it. Feel free to like, comment or subscribe.

» Song
Kove – Love For You

» “Project” info
• Used software: CS 1.6, HLAE, VirtualDub, Sony Vegas 12
• Runtime: 0:32
• Project size: 12,2 GB
• Final size: 24 MB
• Resolution: 1280×720

» Me

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[CS 1.6] Deviix luckshot

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