CPL Winter 2005 CS 1.6 finals : SK Gaming Vs Lunatic Hai 100,000 $ match

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This is a video about a notable Counter-Strike choke that occurred at CPL Winter 2005 when SK Gaming met up against the Korean team Lunatic Hai at the finals. In a crucial round, Lunatic Hai managed to plant the bomb, but SK’s Abdisamad ‘Spawn’ Mohamed killed three of their players and faked a bomb defuse. Lunatic Hai’s last remaining player, Mal, found himself in a troublesome spot. If he didn’t peek out to try and kill SpawN, SpawN would defuse the bomb. If Mal did reveal himself, SpawN would simply kill him and defuse the bomb. The ideal thing to do in this situation would be to listen for the defuse sound, wait for a few seconds, peek around the corner and start shooting, and hide again. A player employing this tactic would continually interrupt the defusal, thereby drawing out the confrontation until the bomb exploded. As it is, Mal peeked far too early, went for the kill, and was promptly riddled with bullets by SpawN. Had Lunatic Hai won this round, they could have possibly won the entire event.

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CPL Winter 2005 CS 1.6 finals : SK Gaming Vs Lunatic Hai 100,000 $ match

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