Counter Strike 1.6 – REMEMBER MY NAME “RextoN” (Movie 2018)

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Božo “RextoN” Dragosavljević (born June 21, 1993) is a former Serbian Counter-Strike 1.6 player and part of the very successful Macedonian VITORIA™ lineup.

RextoN combines incredible aim with flawless in-game IQ. His play style often prevents opposing teams from executing strategies the way they want, giving his team the advantage. His unique perspective on professional players and his dedication to the industry are unmatched. He is regarded as, by his fans and other players, one of the quickest and most skilled AWPers in the game. After more than 7 years of playing he decided to finish his career in August 2013.

This is his story.

Movie was made by DeepFrame™ from Czech.



(Dramatic, Epic, Winning, Clutches, Great, Best, Top and Sad Moments Of All Time, Highlights, Aces, Best Frags, Tactics, Insane AWP Plays & More).


Two Steps From Hell – Atlantis
Immediate Music – Serenata Immortale
Olympus 3 by Johannes Bornlöf
Rise Above by Veigar Margeirsson
Craig Armstrong – Business
Epic Adventure Music A Legend’s Adventure


Brunej Bruno. Krajc
Vasil S. Andonov


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Counter Strike 1.6 – REMEMBER MY NAME “RextoN” (Movie 2018)

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