The plug & play 800+ game Retro Arcade Stick – Pandora’s Box 4S REVIEW

A review of an all-in-one two player arcade machine that contains hundreds of games…you just need to add a TV.
Below are a few ebay links that will show you what’s currently available – there are a number of different configurations but please ignore ebay fraudsters pretending to sell these for just £30-£50 it costs more than that for the components. You should expect to pay £120 – £150 for a Pandora Box 4S like mine (or the equivalent of this in your local currency). Turn on international search to get the widest selection.

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ebay buying tips
1) If it’s too cheap to be true then it’s not true.
2) Only buy from someone who has sold plenty of things and has good feedback
3) Read the feedback to see if they have recently sold something similar to the item you are buying. e.g. If you are buying an arcade joystick but they only sold socks and gloves and their last sale was over a year ago, it’s likely you are looking at a hijacked account.
4) If possible buy from someone within your country to avoid paying duties – that may be difficult with this, so factor in any potential duty costs.
5) Use Paypal for buyer protection

Extra Info——

…and while it’s not something that I’m at all interested in, if *you* really wanted to read that SD Card, I’m sure with the right tools you could – it’s likely in an EXT3 format. However I bought this as a ready made plug & play arcade stick, rather than a project to tinker with. I’ve already done enough of that with my Raspberry Pi Picade machine

Apparently you can also use these as an arcade stick with a PS4, this is something I haven’t tested. It took me a while to realise that only the lower of the two USB ports worked…I’ve since seen some machines with the upper port blocked off, presumably for this reason.

Does it do 4:3?
Yes of course it does 4:3 – remember the bit where I mentioned it output at 800×600 – that’s 4:3. How you display that is up to you, I prefer to stretch it out to a 16:9 screen – especially on my OLED that can suffer from burn-in if a 4:3 image is displayed on it for too long (it mentions this in the manual) – however you can display your video output however you want on your TV or monitor.

LETS GET PICKY – CAPCOM AREN’T SNK!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!
An weirdly high number of people have got in touch to tell me that “ACTUALLY Neo Geo games are made by SNK not Capcom”.
First – why are so many people out to try to catch me out misspeaking – it’s a youtube video, it’s an amateur production, it’s just a bit of’s not a tax return. and I didn’t say that Capcom made NeoGeo games here is what I did say:
“whilst there are a lot of different arcade companies represented the games do tend to weight themselves towards Capcom, and in particular Neo Geo”. So the intended interpretation of that sentence is —there are lots of games from a lot of different companies, including 1) A lot from Capcom and 2) A lot more from Neo Geo
Now please just try to watch the videos and not pick them apart as if there was some kind of prize for being the biggest pedant. Trust me, if there was a prize, you definitely wouldn’t want it.

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The plug & play 800+ game Retro Arcade Stick – Pandora’s Box 4S REVIEW

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