Sega Genesis Model 1 vs Model 2

I’m doing this review over because in my first review I was using a shotgun mic instead of a stereo mic. Also the AV cable for my Model 2 was defective.

In this video I will be reviewing the Sega Genesis Model 1 and the Model 2. The Genesis Model being used in this example is a VA3 revision which means its an early Genesis without any security feature. The Model 2 is an VA1 revision which is supposedly one of the “bad Genesis consoles”. In this video you’ll see that isn’t entirely true.

While the Model 1 HD does sound better, it isn’t going to be night and day better. Your really just getting better bass and cleaner highs with the model 1. But other then that the video quality from both is fine. The model 1 has no smoothing and good color, while the model 2 has some smoothing and slightly more contrasty color.

All Genesis Model 1 and 2 systems are fine. So long as you can play your Genesis games and have fun while doing so.

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Sega Genesis Model 1 vs Model 2

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