Samsung KS7000/8000 Review For Console and PC Gaming 4K HDR TV

Today we’re taking a look at the Samsung KS7000 UHD 4K HDR TV in our Samsung KS7000/8000 review for console and PC gaming. The KS8000 is the North American equivalent of the European KS7000. With the arrival of the Xbox One S, Playstation 4 Pro and next year’s Xbox One X there’s a lot of buzz surrounding 4K HDR compatible TVs. Purchasing a new 4K HDR TV is a bit of a minefield at present and anyone looking to buy a new TV needs to be through with their research before taking the plunge as not all 4K HDR TVs are the same and in most instances some which claim to be HDR compatible aren’t nearly as good as those which fully support HDR.

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Samsung KS7000/8000 Review For Console and PC Gaming 4K HDR TV

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