LG C7 OLED TV – Hands On Review


Price: ~$2,200 for 55-inch model

LG’s C7 OLED produces the best picture quality we’ve ever seen in a consumer-grade display. It offers perfect black levels, outstanding contrast – especially for HDR content — excellent out-of-box color, zero motion blur, and incredible depth and texture. The LG C7 is drop-dead gorgeous and when you see it, it will ruin you for any other TV.

The brushed metallic stand LG designed for the C7 is simple, classy, and most importantly, it’s narrow enough that the TV can fit on any TV stand 24 inches or wider, making it an option for those with smaller entertainment centers.

Finally, we suggest adjusting the LG C7 OLED’s picture preset to either ISF Expert Bright Room or ISF Expert Dark Room mode – in fact, you may find yourself switching back and forth between these depending on the time of day you are watching. Either of these presets will offer the best out-of-box contrast and color, and as a bonus, the motion smoothing that introduces so-called “soap opera effect” is turned off by default in these modes.


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LG C7 OLED TV – Hands On Review

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