Item review – SUBOR D30 8Bit Game Console

This is a video review I made of the SUBOR D30 8-Bit game #console

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The brand: Subor
The model: D30

The pros:
– Affordable price compared to other 8Bit game consoles currently sold.

The cons:
– The game controllers have very short wires.
– Doesn’t include a port for external gun, which is useful for games such as “Duck Hunt” (I am not sure if you can insert the gun into the port of one of the controllers instead since I don’t have a suitable gun).

Q: I plugged the device and I see video in black & white, what is the problem!?
A: I believe you live in a different region than the one this game console was supposed to be sold. There are several broadcasting methods (PAL, NTSC and several others, depending where you live). It can be solved easily as can be read below.

Q: Does this game console supports PAL or NTSC broadcasting method?
A: This specific device that I got to review works with PAL broadcasting method. If you are going to operate it on TV’s that supports NTSC the video will appear in black & white, and not in full color. But there is a solution to that, which is called “PAL to NTSC converter”, that shouldn’t be too expensive – Here are several links to purchase this item:
(Amazon US)
(Amazon UK)

Q: Can I run this game console on HD (Or UHD) TV?
A: Yes, but the video quality will improve to match it.

Here is a link to the user manual of this item:
N/R (Not relevant).

Here is the description of the item on Aliexpress:
Classic Subor Game Machine 8BIT Classic Family Video Game Console D30+198 IN1 Game card FC Games Double Handles Operation jeux

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Item review – SUBOR D30 8Bit Game Console

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