Is Assassins Creed: Origins Good? – Review (Spoiler Free)

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review – Gameplay captured on PC

Assassin’s Creed Origins has a massive map to explore that feels alive and interconnected. Open world games have a tendency to strive for a massive map, but fail in filling that map in a meaningful way. Sometimes it just feels empty and deserted. You don’t feel like you’re apart of that world, but with Origins – that’s not the case at all. Which is no easy task, given the
environment of choice – a desert. Despite the fact that the game takes place in one of the most barren, empty environments on the planet – there is still plenty of things the player can climb and jump off of, which is a staple mechanic of the assassin’s creed franchise that is known for it’s parkour style gameplay.

There are diverse areas to explore such as mountains, caves, lakes, foliage filled plains and everything looks fantastic. The graphics, especially if you play on PC like I did on ultra settings are incredible. Every area you enter makes you want to stop and take it all in. I found myself stopping and just gazing at the distant expansive map quite frequently. And that wasn’t just at
open fields or rolling desert hills – it was at the towns too. They were massive and multiple times it hit me just how big the game really was and they weren’t empty either. As you trotted through them on camel back, they felt alive. The towns people spoke, they did things, you felt like you were actually there and it wasn’t just a copy and pasted town from some other part of
the map.

The combat mechanics were done well, fights didn’t feel unfair or frustrating. In some previous installments in the series – it felt clunky and unresponsive but here that has been totally fixed. At
the start of the game, the fighting is pretty straightforward. You have a heavy attack, a quick attack a block and a dodge. As you level up you gain new abilities that you can use, but the
simplistic nature of the combat is what makes it work so well. Everything is responsive and its satisfying taking down and enemy. The player has quite a bit of freedom on this front too – you
don’t have to use stealth all the time. If you want, you can walk right in and start having it out with your enemies, or you can stick to the shadows and do it that way. Reinforced with the
ability points, you really get to customize how you want your character to be, and how to go about engaging with enemies.

Over the past few years, I’ve been more and more frustrated with unnecessary crafting mechanics and over complicated gear systems. It’s very easy for this type of thing to start
feeling like a chore, and not a player choice. Assassin’s Creed Origins does a good job of making this feel like something you want to do. I especially liked the gathering and hunting
system that fueled the games crafting. Using your eagle, you could target specific animals that would provide you with resources for crafting. Different animals require different strategies to
hunt, it was always enjoyable seeking them out and upgrading your character in the process. Often times, this sort of thing can feel like a grind and not a goal – but Origins makes it feel like
what you’re doing is important and not just filler.

The whole process is great, you start by sending your eagle up into the air and you scout out what animals are in the area. The type of resource they provide is indicated from this view, so
you can find exactly what you need. Then, once you’ve located one, you mark it and then approach in player form. I absolutely loved sneaking through field as the wind swept the dry
grass around me as I approached the animal. I silently pulled out my bow, waited for the perfect moment and fired it – killing the gazelle. The entire process is strangely relaxing, it’s a
great way to spend time between missions.

Assassins Creed Origins is a fantastic return to the series. The world feels alive, the game play isn’t overly complicated for the sake of including things and the player has a lot of freedom.
There are parts of the game that are serviceable but nothing major.
Ultimately – it’s a great game that’s worth picking up.

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Is Assassins Creed: Origins Good? – Review (Spoiler Free)

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